Blackjack: Basic Strategy And How To Count Cards

In the 3win2u thai game of blackjack, skill matters. By playing smarter, you can reduce the house edge by up to 0.1%. The correct way is to apply a mathematical Blackjack strategy that considers the value of the first two cards and the value of the dealer’s face-up card. The combination of these two factors affects the choice to raise, stall, double, or split on each hand.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

A first strategy is dictated by common sense. For example, 6 is the worst card for the dealer because he risks making 16 points and then failing. Therefore, if the dealer shows a 6, the player should stand on any value of 12 or higher than 12, as he cannot risk losing as the dealer is more likely to lose than the player.

Hi-Lo Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

We often hear people counting the cards coming out of blackjack in order to take advantage. There are many legends and various ways of counting cards. What you need to know first is the number of decks you play with and then apply these counting rules:

  • Cards from 2 to 6: add +1 to the card account,
  • Cards 8 and 9: consider the 0 (zero) in the card account,
  • Ace, 10, J, Q, and K: add -1 (or subtract 1) to the card account.

You have to count all the cards that come out on the table, and at the end of the count, you always get 0. So as you play, updating the count, you understand which cards are still to be drawn, and the player orients his probabilistic decisions based on the count.

For example, let’s say the following case:

  1. is played with 10 52-card decks (520 cards),
  2. 400 cards were drawn,
  3. The bill amounts to +20.

Logic suggests this: “Since the final count has always been 0, it follows that in the remaining 120 cards there are many Aces and figures and fewer low cards. This assumption helps a lot in making decisions during the game!”

As in all casino games, there is a house edge around the game of blackjack. When playing a perfect strategy, the house edge can be significantly reduced down to 0.2% or even 0.1%, depending on the rules. Statistically:

  • the dealer wins 48% of the hands,
  • the player wins 44% of the hands,
  • the remaining 8% is a tie.

Playing Free Online Blackjack rather than in a real casino, undoubtedly has many advantages. First of all, there are no other players around, the pressure vanishes, and it is possible to make your choices in peace without suffering the weight of the opponents or the fact of being the last player in hand, before the dealer.…

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Make Money With Slots

Do you also belong to the immense group of people who would like to get rich and make money in a fun way, without straining the brain too much and in front of their computer or smartphone? Then take note because this article will be very useful if you want to know how to win and get money while having fun!

Just a little… Luck!

Surely many of you will read this article skeptically and reluctantly, wondering if it really is possible to make money playing slot machines.

The first answer we feel we can give you is positive, in the sense that it is possible to make money, it is possible to get good winnings by playing. You just need to have the Blindfolded Goddess by your side. Hence, we assume that we do not believe that flawless and scientifically proven strategies exist to win. There is what is called a little luck.

The first advice we give you is, therefore, to play slot machines, yes, but in a carefree way, without investing particular expectation. It must not be a source of anxiety or too much hope, but it must be a: “But yes … today I want to invest a sum of my savings on this slot! Make it or break it! “

So, if you feel like it, invest that amount of money in playing your favorite slot, but do it lightly, calmly, otherwise forget it. This is by far the first rule of making money with slots.

To make money, start playing for free!

The second useful tip to get to your goal is to choose one of the thousands of slots available online and play for free! Yes, you got it right! There is no better way to get to know a slot machine and its features. Only by playing for free will you understand:

  • if you really like the slot and if it deserves your real money;
  • what are the highest paid symbols and how to get the winning combinations;
  • how to behave in case of Game Bonus;
  • how many free spins allows you to win;
  • how much you could really win.

So playing for free, you can greatly increase your chances of winning the moment you decide to be ready to play for real money or simply give up and opt for another slot.

Know the type of slot

As anticipated a few lines ago, it is absolutely essential to start playing and then investing your real money, knowing what game you are playing. It is not a play on words. But it is essential to know in advance which symbols you will encounter, how many pay lines you will have available, the betting limits of the bets, the characteristics, etc.

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How To Choose The Best Slots?

Choose your slot, the funniest one, the one that reflects your tastes or the most popular one or the one that pays the most? The choice is never easy even when it comes to slot machines!

In order not to catapult you on the first one at random, a trick that could work is to be guided by two factors. These are two data that are often declared by the casino that makes the slot machines available; otherwise, you can recover this data safely on the net. We are talking about:

  • payout or RTP: percentage of return that the slot machine returns to the player in the form of winnings in a particular period of time. It would be advisable to choose slots with payouts around 96%, as those with lower payout are less convenient
  • Volatility: risk level of an online slot. The higher the volatility, the higher the price that can be won in cash will be high, but at the same time, the frequency of winnings will be low, therefore little chance of winning. As a result, the lower the volatility, the more the amount of money will be mediocre, but the frequency of the winnings is high; therefore, the possibility of obtaining one will also be.

Choose slots from moderate jackpots.

Another trick that could be useful if you decide to immerse yourself in the world of slot machines is to stay with your feet on the ground and not aim for dizzying jackpots.

Try to get as much information as you can about the slot machine to which you want to dedicate your time and above all your money. Once you are more attracted to particular machine online, read reviews, and above all, try to obtain data on payouts, volatility promised winnings.

Just related to the volatility theme described a few lines above, it is advisable to choose slot machines with jackpots and attractive winnings but not too much. In fact, online slots with moderate jackpots usually pay that jackpot more frequently than slots that offer the possibility of winning dizzying amounts.

Right balance

So, recapitulating before throwing yourself on a slot machine set yourself the goal to play, have fun, aim for the win, but do it consciously. So do a short search to retrieve as much information as possible and then choose and go with the spin!

The purpose of this article is not to carry out an in-depth analysis of the slots that you will find yourself in front of, but only to arrive prepared when you decide to play a particular slot, to know what you are facing and what awaits you.

Of course, as you can imagine, just getting fully prepared on a slot doesn’t mean becoming a millionaire with certainty. But surely a good amount of information about the slot mixed with a good dose of luck can be an effective mix to achieve a good win!

Finally …. arm yourself with common sense!

At the end of our article, we hope that it has been useful for the pre-established purpose, that is, to help you understand how to win on slot machines. But above all, we hope to have received the message that there are no absolute tricks because each slot machine is different from the other, but in their diversity, they have common features as a whole that can be assessed objectively and towards which it is worth spending a few minutes to learn more about what is going on.…

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