Roulette Strategies And Systems

When we talk about Roulette, we inevitably speak of Roulette strategies or systems that players can use to win. The most famous Roulette systems mmc996 are:

  1. Martingale system,
  2. James Bond system,
  3. System “colors and columns.”

Let’s take a closer look at what these so-called methods of winning at Roulette are and what they consist of.

Martingale system

With this technique of playing Roulette, you have to place a small bet on the red/black or high/low or even / odd option (outside Roulette bets). In case of victory, it is possible to place the same bet again, while in case of defeat, the bet is doubled. The purpose of this strategy is to recover losses. Practice informs that; therefore, a fairly full-bodied account and strong nerves are needed to face a series of potential losses.

James Bond system

It is a Roulette strategy that requires placing certain bets of different amounts on different numbers. Your total stake must be divided like this:

  • The 70% on the outside bet high numbers (19-36),
  • the 25% on Sestina 13-18
  • the 5% to 0.

Such a bet covers 25 numbers out of 37, so it creates a 67.5% chance of winning on each Roulette spin. Let’s take an example with a 40 $ budget:

  • $ 28 outside on 19-36,
  • $ 10 on the sestina 13-18,
  • 2 $ on the 0.

If the bet is lost, then a number between 1 and 12 comes out, try to bet on Martingale to recover the loss ($ 40 outside).

Color System and Columns

With this technique of the game of Roulette, you must place a bet on a column with 8 red numbers and a bet on the red ones. The first bet covers one-third of the Roulette wheel. If this bet – paid 2 to 1 – does not win, you still have a 47% chance of winning on red and, therefore, of drawing. It is a strategy with a high probability of breakeven, low win, or loss.

Free online roulette

The game of Roulette, as in the case of Blackjack, has evolved a lot. On the web, you can play:

  • Online Roulette,
  • Live Roulette with a live dealer.

In both cases, each player can bet and bet comfortably from home. Almost all online casinos offer live Roulette and online Roulette.

History and curiosity about Roulette

In the seventeenth century, European Roulette took the current form of a plate divided into sections, instead of the hand, an ivory ball was started which marked the winning number, thus becoming a real game of luck.

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, the table with the numbers marked on it was introduced, and the Roulette became small and portable.

In 1657 the Frenchman Blaise Pascal officially invented the mechanism of European Roulette (not the game of the Romans) by studying perpetual motions. He thus published a treatise on the calculation of probabilities.

Around 1800 it took hold in the casinos of Paris and also overseas, in the colony of New Orleans.

In 1837, with the closure of the arcades arranged by Luigi Filippo, the arcades emigrated to Germany, and European Roulette spread with certain rapidity.

One of the most singular curiosities concerns instead of that of the Blanc brothers who to win the competition in 1842 eliminated the double zero from the cylinder, giving life to what is officially considered the French European Roulette.

Francois Blanc then built the casino in Montecarlo in 1866 on the rocky outcrop of Spelungues while in Italy, it was necessary to wait for 1905 for the opening of the Sanremo Casino.

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